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We offer the best wines from across California. In each bottle, in every glass, you’re getting a California story that’s about the sunshine, the soil, and the people that call this great place home — the ones that craft our beautiful wines.


From the new to the old, from the cool to the colorful, California is a diverse cultural and natural wonder. We’re committed to exploring that beauty and experiencing the dreamers and innovators that populate it. With the lessons we learn from the roads less traveled, we’re bottling up the best of California for all to enjoy.


We have a strong connection to the land. Poppy & Quail is devoted to keeping it pristine — we're minimizing our impact to protect a long future of beautiful California wines.


All of our offerings come from B Corp Certified producers — makers and businesses that are pursuing more than just their bottom line. By committing to greater social and environmental good, they’re restoring, revitalizing, and regenerating ecosystems and communities while producing premium quality wines.

From Mendocino to the Central Coast, the Sierras to the North Bay, our grapes come from all corners of California.

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