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February 6, 2017
Why Chocolate and Wine Are A Match Made In Heaven

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be thinking about planning a romantic weekend or at least an evening. You may have thought about having a bottle of your favorite red and snuggling up to relax. However, with chocolate being the staple of Valentine’s Day, how can you skip on the treats? The answer is you don’t. You can pair the two together for this special holiday, and our wine experts tell all.

Since chocolate is sweet, you’ll want your wine that way too. Try to stick with the same type of taste. For instance, if you’re serving chocolate covered strawberries, bring home a fruity red. Here are some examples paired with great chocolate tastes.

Dark Chocolate Delights

Dark chocolate has a wide fan base, and if your significant other falls into this category, choose a great merlot. Our wine experts recommend going bold here. This is the one chocolate where you can be a little more daring since dark chocolate can have a hint of bitter taste.

Sensual Semisweet

For someone who is on the edge of dark chocolate but doesn’t quite like the bitterness bite, go for a semisweet treat. Most of your gourmet chocolates will have options for semisweet tastes. Look for truffles and your higher end box chocolates. For semisweet pairings, you should look for a pinot noir or merlot. Try Sanctuary Pinot Noir 2012. The tastes of strawberry, red cherries, and vanilla flavors will go nicely.

Your Beloved Bittersweet

While not everyone is a fan of dark bittersweet chocolate, there are a few darlings who have an acquired taste. Both Lindt and Ghiradelli have dark bittersweet chocolate delights. If you are looking for organic varieties, Dagoba has a great selection. When snacking on your beloved bittersweet chocolate, a cabernet sauvignon or a nice zinfandel pairs wonderfully. Our experts suggest Bernard Cabernet Sauvignon. The blackberry, cherry, and vanilla pair well.

Magical Milk Chocolate

Most sweethearts will agree when it comes to milk chocolate and satisfying a sweet tooth—nothing does it better. You’ll find most chocolate brands have a great tasting milk chocolate variety. As for your romantic pairing, go with Riesling. Riesling is a great dessert wine and its sweetness will accompany milk chocolate far better than others. Our taste experts prefer Jekel Riesling. You’ll find peach, apricots, and lemon flavoring here.

Image via Halfbakedharvest.com

Now that you have some pairings in mind, be sure to check out our California wine shop to have that perfect bottle shipped right to your doorstep. 

Feb 6, 2017 at 9:44 AM
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