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January 16, 2017
We’ll Drink to That! Wine Trends of 2017


Another year has come and gone and as 2017 takes shape, you’ll notice a few new trends taking effect. It appears that once again, the millennial consumer is reshaping the industry, but in a good way.  As each year come and goes, trends do seem to follow suit. However, these few trends seem to be sticking and taking on a whole new industry.

Bye-Bye Boomers

The numbers are in, and the boomer generation no longer holds the clout it once did. Sorry, but millennials have taken the number one spot as the modern day wine enthusiasts. According to the Wine Market Council, millennials drank 42 percent of all wine consumed within the U.S. market during 2015. This amount is expected to grow into 2017 as more millennials turn 21.

Hanging In and Not Out

Even the best of local hangouts are seeing a bit of downturn in business. As more consumers are feeling more comfortable at home, friends and neighbors are hanging out in their own backyards. It seems as if sipping wine amongst your closest friends at home is the way to go in 2017. If this sounds like you, pull up a chair with a nice glass of red and start sipping.

Keeping it Green for Sustainability

Consumers are demanding organic when it comes to food and now, even, their wines. Wine consumers are looking for sustainable eco-friendly wines. Greener practices for wine producers mean larger audiences when it comes to millennials. Plus, millennials are savvy consumers and know how to research /look for sustainability practices before purchasing goods. Modern wine connoisseurs search for companies that are Certified B Corporations. A B Corp is a for-profit company that meets or exceeds rigorous standards of social and environmental implementation, responsibility, and transparency.  This demand is making a difference too. Many vineyards are becoming Certified B Corporations in order to meet this growing trend. Now, when millennials look for sustainability, they look for the Certified B stamp of approval and the company’s score.

Bourbon Barrels

Aging processes differ from each wine producer.  Now, in 2017, the growing trend to watch is the reuse of bourbon barrels. While part of a sustainability trend, this process is also giving unique flavors. These whiskey wines are taking on a whole new segment of the wine industry and giving Kentucky a run for its money. This aging process is offering up some exceptional flavors depending on the original whiskey. If you’re up for trying this new trend, you may want to try 1000 Stories. This unique wine is aged using bourbon barrels and offers bursts of raspberry that coincide with black pepper locked tightly in a zinfandel that pairs well with spicy foods. Who knows, after you try a glass of 1000 Stories, you may just end up having one of your own story to tell.

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Jan 16, 2017 at 12:53 PM
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