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March 21, 2017
How To Plan The Perfect Game Night


Hosting a game night is an easy way to spend quality time with close friends, not to mention, the unpredictable fun. Still, even informal gatherings, require some planning. So, let's go over your list to ensure it's all there.

The Food

Keep it simple. Remember, the whole point is to relax. Think of appetizers you can buy or make, and hearty finger foods. Like veggies, hummus, and toasted pita bread, or chips, pretzels, and dips. Whatever you choose, remove the products from their containers and place on a serving tray for presentation. You can also impress with gourmet versions of everyday favorites. Whip together flatbread pizzas with seasonal veggies, fresh herbs, savory cheeses, and meat. Elevate popcorn with sea salt and vanilla.

The Mood

There's no right or wrong way to set a mood. Go classy, go casual, pick what's best for you.

Your coffee table makes the best game table. Clear all trinkets and decor, leaving ample room. If there aren't enough seats, throw some pillows on the floor. Let everyone know to get comfy by sitting on the floor yourself. For special touches add an assortment of flowers or single stem for a bud vase. Then supplement with a pillar candle or a tablecloth under the food. Have the music queued to last at least three hours, so you won't miss the best moment of the night.

The Games

Unless you've reached a consensus beforehand, ask everyone to bring a different game for variety. Have the appropriate space and supplies ready. A game of charades can be a fun ice breaker to start the night!

The Wine

Game night wouldn't be complete without the right wine, and this is where you must set some standards. Paper plates work fine for the food, but your wine requires glassware. Wine awakens your senses with its aromas, similar to your morning coffee or your favorite tea. The aromas are released through the surface area of the wine. Thus, a larger surface area is optimal for release. Swirling also increases this surface area. A wine glass helps collect the aromas making it easier to enjoy the subtle flavors. A plastic cup decreases the wine's surface area. It will still taste good. However, you'll miss those nuances. Select the red and white varieties that your friends enjoy most, or mix it up with wine cocktails like sangria. As the night whines down, make sure your friends are responsible. Use Uber or Lyft as needed for a safe drive home.

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Mar 21, 2017 at 10:43 AM
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